Frequently Asked Questions

Wine & Nutrition Information

Is your wine gluten free?

All of our wines are certified gluten free!

Is your wine vegan?

All of our fruit wines are 100% vegan friendly!

How many calories are in a serving of your wine?

  • Dry wines: approximately 70 per 5 oz serving
  • Semi-dry wines: approximately 120 per 5 oz serving
  • Medium sweet wines: approximately 150 per 5 oz serving
  • Sweet wines: 160+ per 5 oz serving

What kind of sulfites do you use in your wine?

We include a commonly used SO2 to inhibit the growth of bacteria in our wines.

How much sugar is in a serving of your wine?

  • Dry wines: approximately 3.5 g per 5 oz serving
  • Semi-dry wines: 3.75 – 7.5 g per 5 oz serving
  • Medium sweet wines: 7.5 – 30 g per 5 oz serving
  • Sweet wines: 30 g+ per 5 oz serving

How many carbohydrates are in a serving of your wine?

  • Dry wines: 3.5 – 10 g per 5 oz serving
  • Semi-dry wines: 10 – 20 g per 5 oz serving
  • Medium sweet wines: 20 – 70 g per 5 oz serving
  • Sweet wines: 70 g+ per 5 oz serving

Are your wines nut/peanut/tree nut free?

Yes! All our wines are free of any nut products.

Where does Farm Fresh Wine Company get its fruit?

Farm Fresh Wine Company is a Michigan based winery that sources fruit from a variety of locations. We make wine all year as it would be impossible to produce enough product from just one harvest per year. We use all-natural fruit concentrates (nothing but the fresh juice dried until it reaches 68% sugar), reconstituting the fruit to its natural strength. We are located in the heart of cherry country, in a state with lots of blueberries and apples, so those are easy to source locally. Peaches are sometimes concentrated in Georgia, as one would hope, but Spain grows quite a bit more. Fruits like cranberries are grown in large quantity along the eastern seaboard and blackberries are sourced either from the Pacific Northwest or from Eastern Europe.

We really do belong to a global community and we purchase products throughout. Sometimes one area has a bumper crop, and another suffers a frost. Either way, we work with the local growers and processors in their respected regions to ensure we are sourcing the best possible product we can and deliver an all-natural product at a reasonable price.

Most all-natural fruit wine products are sold at over $15 dollars a bottle and we wanted to prioritize modern, efficient wine-making practices to deliver a great natural product at $10.

Shipping & Online Sales

What states do you ship to?

We can currently ship to the following states:


Why don't you ship to my state?

We love your state. We promise – it’s not you, it’s us. The laws and regulations for the sale and shipping of alcohol are different in every state. Our pencil pushers are always pushing to obtain permits for more states all the time, but in some cases, the laws (thank prohibition from the 1920’s) are simply not in place to allow us to ship.

How long will my order take to be delivered?

You will receive an order confirmation email with an order number shortly after placing your order. All orders will be processed and shipped within 4-5 business days. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number. Expected delivery on orders is between 5-10 business days.

Why is shipping so expensive?

We heard you gulp when you saw that shipping price at checkout. It’s true. Often, the shipping costs more than the wine! Wine is heavy. Every 750ML glass bottle is minimally three pounds. If you bought a case of wine – we’re packing a +36-pound box for the delivery driver to hand to you. The farther your wine travels from our winery to you, the more expensive it gets. But, we do negotiate those rates with UPS on a regular basis, and we never charge more than the actual cost.


How is my age verified?

We use a company called ShipCompliant in our online shop. It verifies your age and address, then your ID will be checked when the package is signed for upon delivery by the UPS driver.

Tasting Room

Can I visit Farm Fresh Wine Company?

Farm Fresh fruit wine is produced and bottled by Leelanau Cellars in Northern Michigan and some fruit wines, along with a broader collection of Leelanau Cellars wines are available for tasting and purchase in the Omena Tasting Room.

Get directions here!